I staged 1848 for The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor at The Conway Hall London on the 22nd of January 2014.

Billed as a commemoration of the great revolutionary movement of 1848, an alliance of all peoples, an international soiree, followed by a public meeting. This was a large-scale work with a cast of 70, plus singers and musicians. Featuring more than 100 characters the work explored the Europe-wide revolutions of 1848, the most widespread wave of revolution in history.

Written by Penelope Dimond of The New Factory, the work was not only an exploration of the thoughts of the time’s great political thinkers, but also reflected on the lives of the unknown people who strove to bring a new politics to Europe as a whole, culminating in the defeat of the great Parisian revolt in December 1848:

“Paris is dead. It is no longer Paris. The bitterest struggle the world has ever seen, a sea of blood, and fifteen thousand corpses, have sapped it of its fire and foment, and its soul. On the boulevards nothing but bourgeois and police spies, the dance halls and theatres deserted. It is 1847 again, but without the hope.”

“A girl with bare arms grasps a flag, climbs over a barricade, and advances upon the National Guard. They shoot her as she approaches their bayonets.”

The Conway Hall generously allowed us to use the venue at no cost to the company, and as with all New Factory stagings the show was a free event. We provided free bread, soup, and tea for the audience.

January 2014 – The Conway Hall – London