Political Theatre

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A friend asked me recently apropos nothing at all “what ever happened to political theatre?” Setting aside the obvious, that all theatre is political in some sense, I think they were alluding to what they perceived as a dearth of theatre about/espousing political ideology. NB this blog entry has inexplicably disappeared. You’ll just have to imagine what I might have … Read More

If you didn’t catch The Fever…

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If you didn’t catch The Fever at the People Show Studios in December, you can at the Brighton Festival Fringe. saltpeter presents Wallace Shawn’s Obie Award winning The Fever A one-off site specific ensemble piece Venue: Brighton Media Centre Gallery Date: Sunday, 22 May 2011 Staging The Fever is an ongoing project for saltpeter. We believe that The Fever is … Read More

Music/Collaborations/Wish Lists

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I was musing on the possibility of staging a version of ‘Synecdoche, New York’ (not that I’d ever get the rights, but let’s put it on a wish list). A play within a play, within a play, within a play, within a play… in a massive warehouse space (on the list). I just happened at the time to be listening … Read More