On my way to Bohemia

GaryThe New Factory

Heading off to Bohemia with The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor tomorrow. An epic two day train journey to Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, where we will be presenting ‘Jubilee’ by Anton Chekhov (in both Czech and English) at the very first Souladění Festival. I’ve been working with the English cast, but now looking forward to meeting and working … Read More

Stratford City & The New Oz


I was approached through a friend by Hilary Powell to act as Ozymandias/Dorothy/Wizard at UCL Urban Lab as part of an installation Stratford City & The New Oz – an installation and exploration of the nebulous idea of legacy in relation to the London 2012 Olympics. “This installation arises from the issues and contents of the book ‘The Art of Dissent: Adventures In … Read More