Miniaturists 40 – The Interval


The Arcola Theatre in London has been running its miniaturists works for quite some time, and on the occasion of the 40th ‘Miniaturists’ Stephen Sharkey thought it would be good to create something as a celebration. Hence The Interval.

Written by Stephen Sharkey, and directed by Lucy Skillbeck & Gordon Murray The Interval featured a massive cast in a series of vignettes set in a theatre foyer during an interval; a funny, satirical, sharp but warm look at “this theatre thing we all seem to have ended up in”. The idea was that Stephen, Lucy, and Gordon would get in touch with all the actors who have worked with them on the Miniaturists over the years and see how many would like to come back for this celebration. There were no big roles, just lots and lots of little ones. Part of the pleasure was to meet up again with actors and to get a great big group of people together on a small stage in a tiny (and as it turned out, perfectly formed) play.

I appeared in a vignette called ‘Director’s Theatre’ with the lovely Victoria Morgan.