Mister C


Mister C is a short film made as part of musician and composer Katy Jungmann’s MUSIC4DANCE project. Katy has been writing music specifically for, and making videos with, dancers for some time. She has worked with dancers from around the world, featuring different styles and practices. I collaborated with Katy and dancer Yael Lowenstein on a film called Asta in 2017, and have an ongoing working relationship with her. Since the Covid 19 lockdown this process of composing and collaboration with dancers and film makers has become a focus for her work, and she has begun to involve more individuals in a new and ongoing project called DANCE4MUSIC.

The film features tango dancer Jane Solomon. Music was recorded remotely with Ben Croft on piano, Flo Moore on bass, and Sue Richardson on trumpet. Naralio Faingold assisted with mixing and drum tweaks.

I edited the raw footage recorded by Jane in her home.

Here’s the film…