Mister C


Mister C is a short film made as part of musician and composer Katy Jungmann’s MUSIC4DANCE project. Katy has been writing music specifically for, and making videos with, dancers for some time. She has worked with dancers from around the world, featuring different styles and practices. I collaborated with Katy and dancer Yael Lowenstein on a film called Asta in 2017, and have … Read More

Blue Blouse Magazine


In December 2015 The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor (of which I am a founding member and director) staged an evening at the Torriano Meeting House in London called ‘Hope for Great Things to Happen’. It was described as “A rare opportunity to glimpse and snuffle around in the New Factory’s eccentric ideas and vision. Eight embryonic chunks; starting … Read More

Spoken Word

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This post originally appeared on the Piaf Remembered website… When Katy Jungmann asked me to become involved in Piaf Remembered I was, to be honest, a little reluctant. Katy’s idea was to produce a short piece featuring the songs of Edith Piaf, but with a more theatrical slant than the normal gig. This would mean heading down the path of … Read More

De Profundis – The Voice of Three


I’ve just returned from Aldeburgh where I spent the week working with accordionist Bartosz Glowacki and dancer Hanna Wroblewski. Bartosz is in residency at Aldeburgh and has used his visits there to developed a piece called De Profundis – The Voice of Three. Described by Bartosz as “a creation of a dialogue between three contemporary forms of art: accordion music, text, … Read More

The Inspectors Call – Everything Theatre Review

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‘Outstanding’ piece of theatre exploring the relationship between schools and Ofsted I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers. Whenever I hear someone express anything remotely along the lines of ‘teachers shouldn’t get all those holidays’ or ‘I work as hard as any teacher and I don’t get all that time off’ it’s all I can do not to … Read More

The Inspectors Call – The Morning Star Review

GaryDirecting, The Inspectors Call

A new play on what happens when Ofsted targets a school paints a bleak picture of the human and educational costs. There is a moment during the first half of this new play by ex-teacher and writer Peter Campling when this politically charged drama set in a school grabs hold and never lets go. George Smith, played by a Falstaff-like Joe … Read More

The Inspectors Call – Younger Theatre Review

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‘A Must See Show’ Whether it stirs memories from your school days, highlights your concerns as a parent or re-awakens your more nightmarish days working in a school, there isn’t one person who won’t be able to identify with The Inspectors Call in some manner. Peter Campling’s play looks at how the phrase ‘what’s best for kids’ is thrown around … Read More

The Last Days of Limehouse

GaryDirecting, The Last Days Of Limehouse

Few people today know there was once a thriving Chinatown in London’s East End. Yellow Earth’s recent production will take audiences on a journey into this forgotten world… It started in Limehouse in 1958 when the local council was planning to bulldoze the last remnants of Limehouse Chinatown. As the local people decide how to embrace this redevelopment without losing their … Read More

Miniaturists 40 – The Interval


The Arcola Theatre in London has been running its miniaturists works for quite some time, and on the occasion of the 40th ‘Miniaturists’ Stephen Sharkey thought it would be good to create something as a celebration. Hence The Interval. Written by Stephen Sharkey, and directed by Lucy Skillbeck & Gordon Murray The Interval featured a massive cast in a series of vignettes set … Read More

Pit Lab – The Barbican

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, Tonseisha - The Man Who Abandoned The World

Tonseisha at the Pit Lab – Barbican There is a pretty well kept secret in London, and it is The Pit Lab at the Barbican. I was lucky enough, together with the saltpeter creative team to spend 5 days there last week progressing our ongoing project Tonseisha – The Man Who Abandoned The World. The Pit Theatre Laboratory Barbican/Guildhall Creative Learning … Read More

Tonseisha at RFO

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, Tonseisha - The Man Who Abandoned The World

I am currently rehearsing another excerpt from Tonseisha – The Man Who Abandoned The World, this time for Rough For Opera at The Cockpit London on October 15th (there are apparently still tickets available). Tonseisha is a long term project I am undertaking with saltpeter. Tonseisha, the play, is by american playwright Erik Patterson, and composer Kim Ashton and I … Read More

Jubilee in Bohemia

GaryDirecting, The New Factory

They said it would be madness and so it proved… The plot: Many people generously provided funds out of their own pockets (including the entire group who went) so that 10 members of The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor can head off to Cesky Krumlov in Bohemia. An epic two day train journey to the Czech Republic, to present … Read More