Mister C


Mister C is a short film made as part of musician and composer Katy Jungmann’s MUSIC4DANCE project. Katy has been writing music specifically for, and making videos with, dancers for some time. She has worked with dancers from around the world, featuring different styles and practices. I collaborated with Katy and dancer Yael Lowenstein on a film called Asta in 2017, and have … Read More

Filming Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

I love filming, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I love working. Working with people who want to produce something (however difficult the circumstances of production, or the paucity of practical resources) is always a pleasure. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about my feelings on the filming of staged performances, but have always wanted … Read More

Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor are making a film… Sounds very grand, but to be clear this is not a multi-camera high budget short. It is certainly short, a 12 minute work called ‘Lenin’s Lunch’ which unsurprisingly is about Lenin trying to eat his lunch, but the filming itself is to be deliberately lo-fi. This is a collaboration … Read More