The Inspectors Call – Everything Theatre Review

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‘Outstanding’ piece of theatre exploring the relationship between schools and Ofsted I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers. Whenever I hear someone express anything remotely along the lines of ‘teachers shouldn’t get all those holidays’ or ‘I work as hard as any teacher and I don’t get all that time off’ it’s all I can do not to … Read More

The Inspectors Call – The Morning Star Review

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A new play on what happens when Ofsted targets a school paints a bleak picture of the human and educational costs. There is a moment during the first half of this new play by ex-teacher and writer Peter Campling when this politically charged drama set in a school grabs hold and never lets go. George Smith, played by a Falstaff-like Joe … Read More

The Inspectors Call – Younger Theatre Review

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‘A Must See Show’ Whether it stirs memories from your school days, highlights your concerns as a parent or re-awakens your more nightmarish days working in a school, there isn’t one person who won’t be able to identify with The Inspectors Call in some manner. Peter Campling’s play looks at how the phrase ‘what’s best for kids’ is thrown around … Read More