Jubilee in Bohemia

GaryDirecting, The New Factory

They said it would be madness and so it proved… The plot: Many people generously provided funds out of their own pockets (including the entire group who went) so that 10 members of The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor can head off to Cesky Krumlov in Bohemia. An epic two day train journey to the Czech Republic, to present … Read More

On my way to Bohemia

GaryThe New Factory

Heading off to Bohemia with The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor tomorrow. An epic two day train journey to Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, where we will be presenting ‘Jubilee’ by Anton Chekhov (in both Czech and English) at the very first Souladění Festival. I’ve been working with the English cast, but now looking forward to meeting and working … Read More

Chekhov in Bohemia

GaryThe New Factory

The New Factory has been invited to perform at the first Souladění Festival in Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic in July 2012. The Festival is headlined by the renowned Czech performer Jaroslav Dušek, and we will be presenting a brand new translation of A Jubilee by Anton Chekhov. We will in fact be performing in both Czech (with local … Read More

Lenin in London

GaryDirecting, The New Factory

Lenin in London was first staged by The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor back in 2003 to mark the 100th Anniversary of Lenin’s last visit to London. When the idea of a benefit performance for The Marx Memorial Library was mooted, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a revival of the work. The Marx Memorial Library hidden away … Read More

Filming Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

I love filming, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I love working. Working with people who want to produce something (however difficult the circumstances of production, or the paucity of practical resources) is always a pleasure. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about my feelings on the filming of staged performances, but have always wanted … Read More

Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor are making a film… Sounds very grand, but to be clear this is not a multi-camera high budget short. It is certainly short, a 12 minute work called ‘Lenin’s Lunch’ which unsurprisingly is about Lenin trying to eat his lunch, but the filming itself is to be deliberately lo-fi. This is a collaboration … Read More

1905 – Morning Star Review

GaryDirecting, Reviews, The New Factory

Make space for political theatre Zoe Corbyn reports on The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor and its extraordinary large-scale free theatre events. “Maggots in the soup!” The puppeteers’ chants grow louder and louder as a camera made of cardboard zooms in on angry toy sailors throwing their tyrant captain overboard. A director screeches instructions in Russian through a giant megaphone. … Read More

New Babylon 1871

GaryDirecting, The New Factory

Press release The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor Presents NEW BABYLON 1871 at the Round Chapel, Hackney (junction of Glenarm Road and Lower Clapton Road). 15th, 16th and 17th March at 8pm. Tickets free. For further details call 020 7482 2145 “Working men’s Paris, with its commune, will be forever celebrated as the harbinger of a new society. Its martyrs are enshrined in the … Read More