Lenin’s Lunch

Film-maker Agnes Hay has been a great supporter of the work of The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor, and was keen to collaborate on the production of a short film.

With a script by Penelope Dimond the film was designed to be lo-fi utilising a budget consumer camera, and deals with Lenin’s attempt to eat his lunch whilst being besieged by well-wishers and admirers. We shot the piece in a garden in North London on a single afternoon in the summer of 2011.

I directed, edited, and played Lenin.

The final film features a single 10 minute shot presenting the action from Lenin’s point of view. There is also the obligatory director’s cut. You can view both below.

The production photos were taken by Daisy Wormell.

July 2011 – London


Here is the finished film...


I cannot resist a director's cut... I like to crank up the volume and go full screen...