The Tables Turned

The Tables Turned (or Nupkins Awakened – A Socialist Interlude) was staged at the Coach House meeting room adjacent to Kelmscott House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith in May 2010. This was a collaborative joint venture of three organisations; The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor, the arts charity ACAVA, and The William Morris Society.

This 19th Century piece of agitprop, was written by William Morris, and subsequently performed by the writer and his friends around the country. It is believed that this 2010 production was the first time the work had been performed by a cast of professional actors. The performance directed by Gary Merry, was recorded, and the CD is now sold in the shop of the WMS to raise money for the society.

Peter Kropotkin proposed that the original production be toured to France, and George Bernard Shaw wrote that on the basis of the play he thought Morris a great playwright.

May 2010 – Kelmscott House – London