Victory Over the Sun

Victory Over the Sun is a short film produced for The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor.

The New Factory performed a version of this ‘Futurist Opera’ (created by Khlebniko, Kruchenykh, Matiushin, and Melevich in 1913) at the ‘176 Gallery’ – now simply called the Zabludowicz Collection – as part of artist Matt Stokes 6-month residency in 2009, with a cast of 37. Though written as an opera we used live ‘made sounds’ rather than music in our original production.

This film made 11 years after our original production, has no narrative structure in keeping with the original opera. No-one knows what the ‘meaning’ of the opera is supposed to be. It is just ‘something’ that evokes feelings, and an intellectual and emotional response.

I directed, filmed, and edited this short response to the opera.

Many thanks to all involved.

April 2020 – London

Here’s the film…