Tonseisha - The Man Who Abandoned the WorldTonseisha – The Man Who Abandoned the World

Tonseisha, the play, is by american playwright Erik Patterson, and composer Kim Ashton, Vera Chok of saltpeter and I have worked with a team from many disciplines to turn it into an opera over the past 4 years.

The origins of the beginning of this process, and why we are trying to turn a play into an opera, are now shrouded in the mists of time (well the mists of 4 years anyway), but essentially at some point the question “why don’t we turn this play into an opera?” was answered in the positive and here we are. Composer Kim Ashton has worked with me, along with a group of talented co-conspirators to create something we hope to stage full-scale some time in the future.

There have been 4 stagings of excerpts from what is now called (to distinguish it from the original play) Tonseisha – The Man Who Abandoned The World. These stagings took place at the Dinefwr Literature Festival, the Arcola Theatre’s Grimborne Opera Festival in London, Rough For Opera in London, and the Tete A Tete Opera Festival in London.

You can find more details of all the stagings and the development week we spent in The Barbican’s Pit Lab by following the links below, and there are quite a few related blog entries. Each staging has seen the work change, grow, and move closer to our goal. It is my hope that we will be able to stage a full version of the piece in the near future.

2011 onwards – UK

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