Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor are making a film… Sounds very grand, but to be clear this is not a multi-camera high budget short. It is certainly short, a 12 minute work called ‘Lenin’s Lunch’ which unsurprisingly is about Lenin trying to eat his lunch, but the filming itself is to be deliberately lo-fi. This is a collaboration … Read More

Pendle Witch


I was asked to stage a short scene from an obscure 17th century play – The Witches of Lancashire by Thomas Heywood & Richard Brome – for inclusion in a BBC 4 documentary called Pendle Witch being produced by Wingspan Productions. Simple one might think… However the scene included the transformation of two greyhounds into a woman and a small … Read More

The Fever – Brighton – Review

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

“Bold and inspired production of an astonishing play” The writer of this play, Wallace Shawn, first performed it himself in an apartment near 7th Avenue in New York City in 1990. He deliberately wrote it to be gender-neutral and able to be performed by actors of almost any age to small groups at a time. Saltpeter’s director Gary Merry has … Read More